Sunday, August 10, 2014

Activities in Belize

We have had some really fun activities with the youth and primary in our district recently. On August 1 & 2, the youth traveled to Corozal for a 2-day campout in a ranch outside of Corozal.  There were about 50 youth participating.  After they set up all the tents and had lunch, they played games and had relay races.  

The first one was played in couples.  One person would hold his or her arms like a basketball hoop and the other would try to throw a ball through it.  Then they would have to take 4 steps ahead and do it again.  When they finished the next couple would start until the whole team finished.  It was pretty chaotic. 


They had something that I have never seen before. It was like a giant exercise elastic stretch band.  Four people would get inside and then one person would run to the opposite side.  Each would take turns or go all at once. It was pretty wild.  They would get all tangled up and finally either stop or fall over.  The pictures I have below are with President Woods, the Belize City branch president and some of the boys.  President Woods is the one with the baseball cap.


That evening, President Hintze and his wife gave a fireside for the group.  It was really good, encouraging them to be good examples and share the gospel.  
                                                               Sister Hintze

                                                            President Hintze

                                                       The group gathering

The next day they had a devotional after breakfast and then started tearing down the camp.  It was really hot and humid and the kids were pretty thirsty so someone went to get them some water since they had already gone through all the water that was brought due to the extreme heat.  But all went well and they were very cheerful and busy. 


                           Faces of our Belize City Branch and Cinderella Branch Youth


              Finally, it was time for everyone to load up the bus and go home.  It was a very successful youth camp and they are all looking forward to next year.


On Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014, we went to Orange Walk where they were having a branch water festival for the Primary.  It was a perfect day, not too hot, a little overcast but just right for some water fun.  

They set up an obstacle course with several events.  They started out running thorugh tires, then crawling between two long pieces of plastic, next running along a narrow board that was slippery and wet, and finally diving onto a plastic sheet like a slip-and-slide that was being constantly watered with a hose and sliding to the end.  They were being timed and the fastest time won.  These are some pictures of the Sisters running the course.
                                               Sister Wood makes it through the tires.

                                          Sister Huff emerges from the long plastic tunnel.

                                                  Sister Huff races across the board.

                                                      Sister Wood slides to the end.
They had a White piece of plastic stretched between two poles and the kids had a water balloon volleyball game .  There was a cute swimming pool for the little ones.

This activity was a huge success and there were several investigator families attendingso a lot of fellowshipping was going on.  There are some more activities planned for the near future.


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