Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trip to the MTC

We left Midland on November 21, 2013.  Anne-Marie took us to the airport and we had a very tearful goodbye.  We will miss all of the kids in Midland so much.  We arrived in Salt Lake City wihtout any problems and Laurianne picked us up.  She had a free afternoon so we went shopping and met Nathaniel for lunch.  By the time we finished lunch, it was starting to snow and it started to come down pretty fast.  That was our welcome to Salt Lake.  

We had a great visit with Laurianne's family.  Paityn, her 4 year old, was "gracious" enough to take us to City Creek Mall one afternoon while Laurianne was working. We had a lot of fun.  The snow had melted by that time.  

Nathaniel's family came down to Grantsville for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful dinner.  It was so much fun for the families to be 

That evening we went back to Ogden with Nathaniel to visit with his family for a few days before we actually entered the MTC.  They were taking care of the neighbor's dog for the weekend and we had an interesting walk with the dog and the kids.  

Sunday evening came all too fast and it was time for us to go down to Provo and the MTC.  Nathaniel drove us down.  He had a little too much fun telling the guard at the gate that he was "dropping his parents off at the MTC", a reverse of what we did almost 20 years ago.  We managed to get all our belongings into the main building there and received our official missionary name tags.  We were pretty excited.  But then we had to say another goodbye.  They don't get any easier.  

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